My iPad experience

I’ve been using my iPad for almost two months now. I was one of those KoolAid drinkers who went to Apple Store on April 3, the first day iPads were on sale in the United States. Many said iPad is just like a gigantic iPod touch. I would argue that it’s not the same. The user experience is totally different and the web and app interfaces are much better. It’s been predicted by many that iPads will change how people consume media. I could not agree more. I would not pay $4.99 for a printed issue of Time magazine or Wired. But I have with both magazines’ iPad apps. And the experience was well worth the money.
As much as some might say that they won’t buy first generation of any gadget or device, I have no regrets. In fact, 2 million iPads were already sold in the first two months. I guess I have good company.

-screenshot of Time cover on iPad. Many interviews include a short video.

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