What’s in the name? Well, it could drive people to your site!

I have not checked stats of my old posterous posts for a while so I was surprised and amused that my most viewed post (135 times so far) is the photo of a tree I took in the fall when all its leaves were fallen. I titled it, “Naked.” That was my first impression when I took that picture and in some way with sadness because the tree was so pretty in the summer and spring. By no means that I intended to mislead and drive my readers (I don’t have many anyway) to read my post, or in this case, to look at the picture. But obviously, the title is the culprit with a lot of help from search engines and peeps with, well, curious mind. Although I doubt that the post will go up high in the Google search, but nonetheless it did get some hits, probably by folks who may have kept clicking “next” on the search results. I wonder if they were mad at me when all they saw was a plain, cold, boring and, well, naked tree.

This is the tree when it was in full bloom in spring. (I am not good at botany but believe this is a dogwood?)
Compared to this “popular” post/photo:
So My New Year’s resolution? Be careful with words when titling blog posts no matter how much I want a lot of people to visit my site 🙂

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